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Don Bishop summarized the most recent activities of the business association which include attending board of supervisor meetings, providing notes and Facebook live videos of those events.

Since the beginning of 2020, Don Bishop has been recording a video report on key things that happened at the most recent meeting. Those videos are currently being posted on Springettsbury Business Association Facebook page and also on a newly created Youtube channel.

There was a significant discussion about what the role of the organization should be in the future. Items of interest seemed to be creating a way for businesses and other people in the community to have a better idea of what’s going in the township that might affect them. Also to have an organization that is not a part of Springettsbury township governance that can provide information and advice on how to deal with the government.

There should be events that are designed to facilitate community and networking among people who are interested in Springettsbury township. All of the information and events should be open to members and non-members alike.

There was also a discussion about how to increase participation in the organization. A number of the people in attendance committed to being part of a one to one kind of campaign of inviting other people to events.

Don Bishop will also be looking into getting whatever lists we can get from the businesses and organizations in the township that probably doesn’t even realize that this organization exists. We will also perhaps do a mailing to businesses, inviting them to participate.

The people in attendance agreed to schedule the next meeting at the upper room of the First Post restaurant on East Market St. on March 27 at 4 PM.

The entire membership will be invited to attend. This will be an opportunity to help reorganize the association and determine our strategies.

At that meeting, we will have an available list of the actual members that are currently paying members and with other information that we can get about the existing association brochures and some ideas on how we can improve that.